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Itinerary Alert: The Perfect Central Park Date Night

After a two week hiatus from posting filled to the brim with full-day itineraries and non-stop fun, we're popping in to share a favorite outing of ours located in Upper Manhattan. It's no surprise that Central Park is a top destination of ours, and with the following itinerary, it also makes for an ideal date night spot.

The Details

Stop 1: Pack a Picnic of Your Favorites

Lounging in the park with a full spread picnic is one of the best ways to spend your time connecting with one another and partaking in some of the best people watching the city has to offer. Before you can get to that point (see Stop 2), you'll need to come prepared with a picnic in hand. We personally love to pack Italian sandwiches for our picnic and highly recommend making a stop at Fiore's (Hoboken), Milano Market (:Upper East Side), Venti Italian Specialties (Jersey City) or Defonte's Sandwich Spot (Brooklyn), but of course any favorite dining spot that you can bake into your plans will be perfect. Remember to also pack:

- Utensils

- Napkins

- Beverages

- Paper Plates

- Picnic Blanket

- Sunscreen

- Playing Cards

- A Bottle Opener (if needed)

Stop 2: Picnic + Optional Activity

Now that you have everything that you need for a picnic, you'll want to find the perfect place to settle down and enjoy yourself. The park has sooo many desirable locations to do so and truthfully the best thing to do is explore the park for yourself and settle down wherever it feels good to do so - Sheep Meadow, The Great Lawn and Pilgrim Hill are go-to spots of ours. Stop 2 is also a great time to break up the day with an activity if need be, and Central Park has no shortage of things to do:

- Play a card game

- View the model boat sailing

- Rent a rowboat from the Loeb Boathouse (closing October 2022)

- Roller disco (Summer) or ice skating (Winter) at Wollman Rink

- Check out the animals at the Central Park Zoo

- Explore the Conservatory Garden

- Play a round of softball, baseball, kickball, etc. in the North Meadow

- Go for a bike ride around the park

Stop 3: Date Night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Every Friday + Saturday night from 5-9PM, the Met stays open late to host "date night" for its visitors and its the best possible way to experience the museum. First introduced in Spring 2022, "Date Night at the Met!" brings live music, wine + access to the museum after dark (unclear if/when "date night" will continue into the Fall + Winter months so be sure to check before your visit). We've visited this museum at least a dozen times and can confidently say that our date night visit has been our favorite by a mile - no/minimal kids running around, lessened crowds + waits, everyone is dressed up in cute date night outfits + the live music + wine are the perfect complements to the art. It's an absolute must to experience the museum this way.

Stop 4: [Optional] Continue the Night

If you're looking to continue your date night, there is a plethora of options to keep the night rolling.

- roller disco after dark at Disco Oasis at Wollman Rink (Summer)

- holiday bar hop at Papillon + Serendipity 3 (Winter)

- rooftop drinks at Empire Hotel

- chic drinks at Polo Bar, Pebble Bar, RPM Underground, Bar Nine, Bemelmans Bar, etc.

However you choose to end your night, we hope you're able to put a little disco in the details and find joy in every moment. As always, please share with us your own renditions of how you spend a Central Park date night + your favorite recommendations to add to our master guide (updated weekly)!


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