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frequently asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions, answered below:
Reach out via the contact form for any additional questions that you have


Q: Where does the name "disco frank" come from?

Our love of disco balls + our favorite Franks - Frank Ocean, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli!

Q: Who runs disco frank? why does disco frank use "we" language?

Disco Frank is managed at every level right now by its Founder & CEO, Kaity. She works full-time as an executive planner in tech (a job she absolutely loves and never plans to leave) and runs Disco Frank as a passion project on the side. She chooses to use language that represents a larger presence behind the scenes because she likes to think of Disco Frank as a collective effort. Most of the places that she writes about on her Tried & True Obsessions list are places she's been lucky enough to enjoy with the company of others and that's part of what puts a little disco in the details. Disco Frank has aspirations of growing into a bigger project one day and the hope is that the hypothetical "we" will become a reality with many working behind the scenes to expand this site to cities around the world. 

Q: What does it mean to put a little disco in the details?

At its core, it's about finding joy in every moment. Disco Balls catch and reflect light onto everything around them and the idea is the same with "adding a little disco to the details" of your life. We want to inspire you to not only live present in every moment, but really feel deep joy in everything that you do. We want to create a community of people who find happiness in the little moments and are down to drive the extra two hours on a road trip to see something extraordinary or make a day out of what should have been a menial trip to the gym. We've been fortunate enough to live a very full life and through our experiences, have come to believe that at the end of the day, nothing matters as much as feeling unfettered joy every day - there's no reason that the joy you've felt + the association of the day in your memory should be any different from your graduation day to a random Tuesday evening. That's what putting a little disco in the details means to us, but it can truly mean whatever you want it to be.

Q: What happens if i subscribe to this site?

You'll be alerted any time we make a blog post. Eventually, you may be included in an email list but not without consent first. We will NEVER share your email.

Q: where's the best place to get updates from disco frank?

Subscribe to the site! Follow us - @discofrankcreative - on all social platforms

Tried and True obsessions GUIDE FAQ

Q: What is the point of the guide?

We are extremely passionate about the places & businesses that we love and having an outlet to share them with others has become one of our favorite parts of what we do. Because we find such joy in the little details that make a difference in our own lives, we recognize and celebrate the these details when we find them elsewhere and cherish the opportunity to share them with others. 


Naturally, we're exceptional researchers, planners, and doers here at Disco Frank, so it was an easy task to put those skills to the test with the creation of the Tried & True Obsessions Guide. We recognize, that not everyone has the same natural skill set when it comes to building out itineraries and choosing how and where to spend their time/money and wanted to share the Guide as a resource for our readers to turn to. You can use the guide to either find one-off recommendations, decide between which meals to get from a menu, or to fully inspire an entire itinerary. We've built it with the flexibility and differing utilities of our readers in mind and hope that you find value in it.

Ultimately, think of the T&T Obsessions Guide as a one-stop-shop to ensure that you have a perfect experience from beginning to end - leave the thinking up to us so that you can just enjoy yourself.

Q: have you actually been to every place on the list? would you ever include a place you did not actually enjoy?

Yes, and no and yes and no.

Yes - we've been/used every top-level recommendation on the T&T Guide, but not necessarily every recommendation under the "Let's Make a Day of It" section of each one, though we've prioritized including places where we have first hand experiences and were sure to read reviews before including any that we haven't visited ourselves.

No - though everyone's experience is sure to be different, we've left off any places on the Guide that we cannot confidently endorse for whatever reason. We want the guide to be exclusive to places that we are truly obsessed with and would share with our best friend when she's had a bay day. We use that philosophy as our guiding principle when sharing recommendations. Because people are bound to have such varying experiences everywhere they go, we've been generous to those we've included but our all-time-swear-by-them-recommendations can be found under "Hall of Fame".

Q: why are most of the recommendations around nyc / not in my area?

Again, we'll only include places that we've been first hand and as NYC residents, the majority of our recommendations will naturally come from here. We LOVE to travel though and are making a conscious effort to expand recommendations to more cities!

Q: Are You getting paid for the recommendations in the master guide / are they sponsored?

Nope! As of March 2024, we are making absolutely zero dollars from this site and have received zero incentives. We strongly believe in every place we've included, as much as we believe in transparency, and we'll always always always explicitly disclose if we've been paid/comped for anything, and we'd still only vouch for it if we mean it, and that's a promise.

Q: Why are some of the sublocations inaccurate?

Our goal for the Master Guide is to help you plan out your own itineraries and day trips and we find that broadly grouping areas within relative distance to one another makes this a whole lot easier than specifying at the most niche level. If you're in the West Village, you probably won't mind walking a block or two over to SoHo or Chelsea, so it's best to denote these all under "Lower West Manhattan", for example, instead of as three separate places.

Q: What do the different category filters on the master guide mean?

The category filters are strictly to serve as a guide to finding the best recommendation for you. We looked at each recommendation in terms of what they are particularly notable for, but that's not to say that a recommendation might not fall under a certain category regardless of what they're particularly notable for - for example, truly, anything on the list can be considered a solo outing place, but some stick out as particularly notable for those looking to do a solo outing. At a top level, the categories are:

  • Art - an artist them self, or a dedicated space to admire art

  • Beauty - all things beauty from services to shops and experiences

  • Brunch - particularly wonderful for brunch 

  • Date Night - particularly romantic or fit for an intimate date

  • Dog Friendly - conducive + accommodating for bringing a dog

  • Drink Spot - somewhere that you can go just for drinks, great for meeting friends and catching up

  • Entertainment / Recreation - somewhere dedicated for active play and/or amusement

  • Family Friendly - places + spaces that lend themselves particularly well to fun for the whole family

  • General Dining - recommended to dine here under any dining circumstance

  • Grab + Go - preferred to do takeaway as opposed to sit down dining

  • Group Outing - particularly conducive to larger groups + outings 

  • Holiday Season - typically does something special for the winter holiday season

  • Hotel - a hotel or other place for an overnight stay

  • Museum - museum or similar educational center

  • National Park - any National Park or highly recommended outdoor space

  • Outdoor Space - primarily outdoor spaces or spaces that feature a prominent outdoor area for when you just want to get outside

  • Pop-Up - a vendor/experience that "pops up" for a limited time

  • Rainy Day - wonderfully fit for a rainy day

  • Shopping - a vendor, boutique or other center where you can expect to have your credit card ready

  • Special Occasion - above average or extravagant experience, likely pricier

Q: how can i get involved? Can i send recommendations?

We'd love to hear from you! The best way to get involved is to tag us in any of the pictures of you "putting a little disco in the details" (@discofrankcreative on all platforms) for a chance to be featured. Send any recommendations that you have via the contact form or through DM on social platforms, but know that we will not share the recommendation out on the Obsessions page until we've had a chance to visit first hand. 


Q: What is the point of the style guide?

Q: some of the items you linked in the style guide are sold out/different?

Many of the items that we own and wear are old, repurposed, or vintage pieces and we simply cannot find and link to all of the original listings, so we've done our best to find the closest matches that we could. When in doubt, we've tried to at least link to a page that features the item's proper name so that you're able to do some research of your own and scour the internet and resell sites like Poshmark, Etsy + eBay. We always recommend doing a right-click-search-image-with-Google-lens to find similar pieces. At the end of the day, we want you to use the style guide as inspiration for your own personal style + combine it with what's already in your closet to create new versions of the same looks  - you don't need to buy exact replicas to look just as good (if not, better!)

Q: I noticed that most of the items that you're wearing aren't necessarily "sustainable", what's up with that?

Candidly, this idea of sustainable fashion is still relatively new to us and something that we're very much in the knowledge-building phases of so it's undoubtedly going to be an imperfect process as we integrate it into our lives more. In our research thus far, we've learned that over consumption is one of the biggest threats to our planet so though we can't change our past shopping habits, we can do better by wearing more of what we already have at home rather than purchasing new. When we do purchase "new" we start with reseller + vintage sites as a starting place, then head to brands with strong sustainability focuses and steer clear of fast fashion brands as best we can.  We're not claiming to be perfect but we're promising to try + be the best consumer we can be moving forward and that's all that any of us can do. We're always learning here and open to new perspectives, to please share any valuable resources that you have.

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