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About disco frank

Sprouting from a seed of creativity during the pandemic, Disco Frank has since blossomed into a vibrant outlet for self-expression. The name "Disco Frank" embodies our love of disco balls and our Big Three (Frank Sinatra, Frank Ocean and Frankie Valli, of course). We're inspired by the way disco balls catch a small glimmer of light and reflect it all over the surrounding space, completely redefining their environment. Just like a disco ball, we aim to find and amplify the beauty in everyday details, and hope to inspire you to do the same.  

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Putting a Little Disco in the Details

Our mission is to "put a little disco in the details". We aim to uphold this mission by sharing everything from our creative expressions and projects to our curated collection of "Tried & True Obsessions". We're dedicated to enhancing the ordinary by highlighting the details that make a difference.

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Past, Present + Future

Disco Frank started online in 2020 as an online boutique for homemade disco ball candles, vases and vintage finds. After the successful launch of the these ventures, Disco Frank realized that as much as physical disco balls embodied the brand, the true essence of the brand and its mission lied within the way that we live our lives and promote others to do the same.


By early 2022, a new era of Disco Frank was on the horizon with a focus less on the tangible, and more on the intangible moments, experiences, and memories that make us feel truly alive. Disco Frank transformed into a lifestyle brand and blog featuring artfully crafted travel itineraries, unique dining experiences and hidden gems - from travel recommendations and interior design inspiration to sustainable style guides and the publishing of our now famous "master guide of tried & true obsessions" - Disco Frank began to cover everything + anything that embodied the brand's mission to lead a life well lived.


As 2023 rolled around, things for Disco Frank continued to evolve as the universe pushed us into the world of planning services - travel planning, event planning, personal styling, dates, outings & more - and we decided to dive in head first.  As we took on more opportunities to explore this passion & natural skill set as a craft, we've come to learn how much of an impact we can truly make for our clients and that the unique knack we have for planning & attention to detail is truly a gift worth sharing with the world. 

Just a few months into 2024, it became clear that the one thing that is constant is change. We continue to evolve and forge a path forward that aligns with our ever-changing interests and outlets, moving onward with a vision rooted in our past, present and future - incorporating the best of all three. We're diving deep into our creative toolkit, showcasing how we 'put a little disco in the details' of everything we do – from stationery and needlepoint, personalized gifting and party planning, all the way through our detailed guides and famously adored, "Tried & True Obsessions'"; we're opening up the floodgates and infusing a little disco into everything we do/

Meet the Founder

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