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Sunday Snapshot: 2/19 - 3/11 Things to Do Around NYC

As part of our yearly refocus efforts at Disco Frank, we gave some thought to more ways that we can serve you and help to bring more disco to the details of your everyday life, which is how we came up with the Sunday Snapshot. It can be information overload trying to find things to do throughout the week + keep up with every unique activity and deal offered around the city so every Sunday, we'll share a collection of the events + happenings that might help you put a little disco in the details around the NYC area in the week ahead, accompanied by a favorite film picture that we've taken. We hope that by serving as a one-stop-shop and guide for the week ahead, you'll be able to spend more time + energy doing the things that bring you joy. And to that point, you may be wondering what sharing a favorite film picture has to do with any of this and we're delighted to share that it doesn't have anything to do with it besides being something that brings us joy. On that note, we present to you:

This Week's Sunday Snapshot

We're going on vacation and will be OOO next week so we're giving you three weeks of Sunday Snapshots for the price of one ;)

February 19th to March 11th

The following are not-sponsored and subject to change at any time, please check most-up-to-date details before going:

Events This Week + Beyond:

Recurring Events


City Winery



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