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A Room for Creativity to Flow

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Our favorite room in our apartment is our "bonus" room that we've turned into the Disco Frank headquarters. It's a groovy, neon, disco home office combined guest room that totally contrasts the serene aesthetic of the rest of the apartment (which consists of the primary bedroom, kitchen, living room + bathroom) and acts as a haven for us + a portal for our creativity. Knowing ourselves, we knew that it was vital for us to find a place with an added room to be used for a home office and somewhere that we could let all the ideas and quirks inside our brain live freely, while still having a soft and quiet space elsewhere to turn our brain off, and we could not be more obsessed with how it turned out. We'll be sharing more on the rest of our apartment style later but for now, please enjoy the unofficial Disco Frank headquarters:

We truly had no inspiration for the space aside from filling it with things that we loved. Adding a disco ball vase of our own creation + an additional one to reflect light (especially given the lack of windows in the room) were obvious necessities, but aside from that we let our creativity take us wherever the wind would blow. Many of the items in the room have been collected over the past 10 years or so but those that we could find have been linked below (not sponsored):

We'll be updating with some pictures from additional views of the room next week but are excited to kick off with this in hopes to inspire some to decorate their space in a way that let's their creativity flow freely


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