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A Quick Word on Disco Frank's Favorites: NYC Food + Dining

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

[A post from the Archives - head to and sort for "Hall of Fame" for an updated list on our NYC favorites]

Favorite Food Spots

  • Los Tacos Numero Uno

    • everything here is AHHHMAZING, the "especial" is a personal go-to

  • Boqueria

    • our favorite [slightly upscale] tapas restaurant! can't get enough of their croquetas cremosas, patatas bravas and white sangria. sometimes even order the croquetas to-go off the kids meal as a cheap side with dinner!

  • Ceci-Cela Patisserie

    • the extreme obsession we feel for this place and the next one on the list are truly embarrassing. We'll talk about it with anyone and everyone + will go to bat day in and day out vouching for them. Ceci Cela has THE best croissants we've ever had (they also have freshly squeezed OJ, french pastries, macarons, coffee, and more) but their croissants are actually TO.DIE.FOR!

  • Culture Espresso

    • We could write a dissertation about how much this place has impacted us. Their cookies are TRULY the best we have EVER had. Controversial opinion here but dare we say, they're far superior to Levain (which are still pretty good tbh). They taste like your Grandma made them. Unreal. Absolutely Unreal. We dream of these cookies (pro tip: pop it in the oven or microwave for a few seconds if they're not warm when you get them. thank us later)

  • Dudley's

    • Good. Good vibes, good ambiance, good food, good drinks. We get the chicken sandwich and espresso martinis. By all means, Dudley's is *good*.

  • Prince Street Pizza

    • The"Prince Perfection" pizza (Sicilian style pizza), is an absolute favorite. Pro tip: order ahead and pick up your pie to go if you're nearby. It makes for a nice walk around the neighborhood and you get to B-line it to the front of the line which is always a VIP feeling)

  • Williamsburg Pizza

    • Remarkably good Grandma style pizza. Seriously. So good.

  • Katz Deli

    • Come on, like we could possibly NOT put Katz Deli on here. Love love love their Reuben. There's a reason why they've been in business for SO long and it's not just because of *that infamous scene* from When Harry Met Sally.

  • &Pizza

    • Not sure if you can really call this pizza, tbh, but they do make a mean flatbread and it's [somewhat] reasonably priced at around $12. We can really only vouch for the American Honey flatbread, but boyyyyy do we recommend it if you want something light but fulfilling (and spicy!)

  • Lamia's Fish Market

    • We can't remember what we ate from here but we know it was good enough to make us come back for seconds and thirds. They usually have deals on any number of NYC food apps (see below). Their interior is truly *chefs kiss*. Very instagrammable if you're into that kind of thing - still beautiful to look at if you're not. One of those places that makes you forget you're in the city for a little while.

  • Chart House

    • OK, not technically in the city but you get city views so we're counting it. By far one of our favorite special occasion places. Everything on the [extensive] menu makes our mouth water. They treat you like royalty and the views of the NYC skyline are to die for.

  • Truffleist

    • Not sure where you can find this place nowadays but it typically serves as a booth at the Bryant Park Winter Village. The Truffle Goat Cheese Cheesesteak and French Fries were SOO good but we'll let the picture speak for itself.

  • Lil' Frankies

    • FANTASTIC Italian in the East Village. We're huge fans of the Spaghetti al Limone but you can't go wrong here. Massive portions. Reheats well. You can eat it for days. 10/10 recommend.

  • LouLou

    • Yes, this is *that* place from the viral TikTok and for that reason, may not be everybody's cup of tea, however, we've personally always had wonderful visits here. I thought the food was very good (albeit on par with most NYC eateries), however, the experience was *it*. We ate outside on the corner lot while jazz musicians played, plus the drinks are extremely pretty.

  • La Pulperia

    • La Pulperia Drag Brunch will change your life. The food is fantastic too but the experience is truly what makes this place next level.

  • Thursday Kitchen

    • Wow Wow Wow. It is worth the HYPE. We got a bunch of shared plates and every single thing was otherworldly. We could've ordered second and third rounds of everything and don't even know where to start with recommendations because it is THAT good. Absolutely must. They don't take reservations though so be prepared to get there the second that they open or wait for a longgggg while.

  • LENA

    • Extraordinary ambiance that takes you out of NYC and to a Parisian cafe for the time that you're there. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a casual lunch spot that packs a big punch.

  • Puglia

    • This place is absolutely insane. The most fun we've ever had not just at a restaurant but probably in all of our NYC experiences. Go here with big groups consisting of FUN people and you will NOT be disappointed. The food is family style, authentic Italian and you absolutely will be dancing the whole meal.

  • Clinton Hall

    • Think elevated bar experience with eclectic pub cuisine. Their nachos and glazed donut grilled cheese can mend any broken heart (trust us on this one) and it's actually a pretty fun place to hangout, watch a game or meet a date.

Favorite Places to Take in the View

  • Westlight

    • absolutely outrageous unobstructed views of Manhattan

  • R17

    • You may know this as "The Greens" but the Rooftop at Pier 17 is a beautiful place to take in the views of the city and they almost always have something going on whether it's ice skating in the Winter, movies and reservable lawns in the Summer or concerts with big name artists.

  • Chart House

    • We know this one is on here already but we couldn't help but put it on here again. The restaurant has a wrap around porch for viewing the city skyline, outdoor dining parallel to the Empire State, as well as floor to ceiling windows surrounding all of the interior so no matter where you're seated you have the best seats in the house!

  • Hotel Empire

    • Very Gossip Girl vibes. Cool views of uptown. Easy to get a reservation. 10/10 place for saying I love you to your boyfriend for the first time (not like we would know or anything)

  • Honorable Mentions

    • One WTC, 230 Fifth, Refinery, Battery Park (Water Views), Castell, the Summit, the Edge

  • Additional Places - we've not yet visited these so cannot write an honest review but have heard good things from others:

    • Mr. Purple, CloudM Bowery, Empire State, Monarch, Top of the Rock, Top of the Standard, Jimmy at The James, Mondrian

Money Saving Tip:

  • Check out Pulsd, Seated and Fever - we share more on these apps HERE but they're our go-to apps for dining around NYC. You can find great deals on restaurants, meals, date nights and more and they don't cost anything to download. We always keep them in rotation before any night out!

Thanks for reading! Hope you get to try some of these spots soon - please let us know your thoughts when you do, we'd love to hear it as well as any recommendations that you have. This post was made prior to Disco Frank's creation - if you want to read more up to date information regarding Disco Frank's favorites visit the Master Guide.

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