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Jersey City

New Jersey

We finally tried this place after it had been recommended to us for MONTHS by multiple people and we were not disappointed. Better yet, we got it delivered which means it will only be better when we have the chance to indulge at their storefront. Tacoria brings with it a new-Mexican cuisine, in an informal but modern Chipotle-esque vibe. Their food is *chef's kiss* and easily are new favorite spot for Mexican takeout in town (you can also eat at their storefront, but we've decided that if we're going OUT to eat - Taqueria Downtown will always be our go-to and if we're bringing in, it'll be Tacoria_



Use the following must-try-recommendations to take your trip here from ordinary to extraordinary

    - Carne Asada Quesadilla with Chipotle Aioli
    - Nacho Pie

Let's Make a Day of it

Use the following to help inspire different ways that you can add a little disco to your day/trip:

    - Grab Ice Cream across the street at Torico
    - Tiki Drinks at Cellar 335
    - Catch a Show at White Eagle Hall
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