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Multiple Locations - NYC

New York

An extremely solid sushi + Japanese spot in Chelsea, we live for Momoya's edamame ricotta dumpling and crispy rice roll and could probably go our whole lives without ever eating anything else (aside from the mercury poisoning we'd have). We're huge fans of this chic, smart casual spot and love the consistently great food. If it wasn't literally our job we would probably never try another sushi spot in Manhattan.



Use the following must-try-recommendations to take your trip here from ordinary to extraordinary

    - Edamame Ricotta Dumpling
    - Crispy Rice Roll (!!!)

Let's Make a Day of it

Use the following to help inspire different ways that you can add a little disco to your day/trip:

    - Attend a Movie in Style at Cinepolis
    - Go Thrifting at Buffalo Exchange + Goodwill
    - Get Drinks at the Eclectic Trailer Park Lounge
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