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National Park


The Mojave and the Colorado Deserts, come together in Joshua Tree National Park, and with it they bring a variety of wildlife and geological formations. Home to the famed Joshua Tree, a member of the agave family, the park provides vast stretches of desert ecosystems paired with funky rock formations and hiking trails. It's an extremely unique area of land that is 100% worth a visit. We highly recommend camping or glamping here (we personally rented a decked out yurt via Airbnb on our venture here) for the full experience complete with a galaxial view of the starry night sky and pitch black desert. A trip to Joshua Tree is easily paired with one to Palm Springs or Las Vegas (if you're okay with a bit of driving) and is sure to exceed your expectations.



Use the following must-try-recommendations to take your trip here from ordinary to extraordinary

    - Stargazing
    - Rock Climbing
    - Skull Rock
    - Keys View

Let's Make a Day of it

Use the following to help inspire different ways that you can add a little disco to your day/trip:

    - Admire the Unique Art of Salvation Mountain
    - Ride the Aerial Tramway at Palm Springs
    - Bring Back Your Western Roots at Joshua Tree Saloon
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