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Put a little disco in the details 

with Disco Frank: Lifestyle, travel & experience planner

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Let's get groovin'

bespoke travel & lifestyle planning

We are master researchers and planners who go the extra mile to create unforgettable experiences rooted in our unparalleled attention to detail. Our custom planning services can help you with everything from planning a basic vacation to curating a complex lifestyle experience. We take care of every intricate detail, from personal styling to booking the hottest reservations around town. With your unique needs in mind, we'll create a plan that is perfectly tailored to you, and we'll always put a little disco in the details.


plan your own adventure

We've put together detailed guides that cover everything that you need to create your own adventures by putting a little disco into the details - from the best dining spots around, to travel guides, vintage fashion finds, interior design inspiration and even advice for how to save money while living in a big city.

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explore our famous "master guide of favorites":

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