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It's not very often that we particularly crave burgers, but when we do, we need a GOOD one and Rando Burger did NOT disappoint. This fast casual style eatery serves up some of the best burgers around and are SURE to hit the spot. Expect no-frills, friendly but to the point waitstaff and stacked burger wrapped in tin-foil and fries ordered separately, We got to the restaurant shortly after opening and there was only one table open so we know this spot is loved by locals + tourists alike. A great spot for a great burger.



Use the following must-try-recommendations to take your trip here from ordinary to extraordinary

    - Italian Delight
    - Le Bleu
    - Portion de Frites Country

Let's Make a Day of it

Use the following to help inspire different ways that you can add a little disco to your day/trip:

    - Try Your Luck at Casino Barrière Montreux
    - Stroll the Quai de la Rouvenaz
    - Drinks at Funky Claude's Bar
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